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Guidelines for applications

A reorganisation application must include the following:

  • the name and address of the person making the application or contact details for the group making the application,
  • a description of the proposed changes, including:
  • the type of structural changes being sought,
    • a plan or description of the affected area,
    • a full and detailed explanation of what the changes are designed to achieve,
    • a description of the potential improvements,
    • an explanation of how the changes would promote good local government,
    • information that shows there is community support for some sort of change.
  • any information requested by the Commission or other relevant information,
  • it may be accompanied by a petition or survey or questionnaire or other material to demonstrate community support for some sort of change. If there is a petition, each person who signed the petition must state their name and address in enough detail to enable them to be identified as an elector.